Why choose a Mortgage Broker vs. Bank?

There are many reasons why you should work with a Mortgage Broker vs. going to your bank about your mortgage.

Working in Your Favour

Mortgage Brokers work for you, the client, rather than the lender. One bank isn’t going to tell you that another bank has a better rate than they do. Mortgage Brokers are not driven by meeting monthly quotas, but to help find you the best mortgage solution for your family and will give you honest unbiased advice.

More options and the best rates

Mortgage Brokers work with many banks and lenders in order to find a mortgage that will fit your needs; not one-size-fit-most. They also have access to broker-only interest rates that are often better than what your bank is offering.

Easy and efficient process

Everything can be done electronically through emails and phone calls. No more needing to find a sitter for the kids for an appointment. If you prefer, in person meetings are always more than welcome.

Save more money with a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Brokers shop around for You to find the best mortgage and the best rates. Mortgage Brokers not only save you money now with lowest interest rates, but always consider how to save you money in the future, whether it be in interest rate, better pre-payment options, or potential penalties.

Mortgage Brokers are easier to get in touch with

Mortgage Brokers are an email, text, Facebook message or phone call away. Scheduling is much more flexible.

Mortgage Broker services at No cost to You

Mortgage Brokers offer free advice to help you make a well-informed decision. If you choose to go through a broker for a standard mortgage, the lender pays them their commission, so there is no cost to you.