Why choose a Mortgage Broker vs. Bank?

There are many reasons why you should work with a Mortgage Broker vs. going to your bank about your mortgage.

Working in Your Favour

Mortgage Brokers work for you, the client, rather than the lender. One bank isn’t going to tell you that another bank has a better rate than they do. Mortgage Brokers are not driven by meeting monthly quotas, but to help find you the best mortgage solution for your family and will give you honest unbiased advice.

More options and the best rates

Mortgage Brokers work with many banks and lenders in order to find a mortgage that will fit your needs; not one-size-fit-most. They also have access to broker-only interest rates that are often better than what your bank is offering.

Easy and efficient process

Everything can be done electronically through emails and phone calls. No more needing to find a sitter for the kids for an appointment. If you prefer, in person meetings are always more than welcome.

Save more money with a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Brokers shop around for You to find the best mortgage and the best rates. Mortgage Brokers not only save you money now with lowest interest rates, but always consider how to save you money in the future, whether it be in interest rate, better pre-payment options, or potential penalties.

Mortgage Brokers are easier to get in touch with

Mortgage Brokers are an email, text, Facebook message or phone call away. Scheduling is much more flexible.

Mortgage Broker services at No cost to You

Mortgage Brokers offer free advice to help you make a well-informed decision. If you choose to go through a broker for a standard mortgage, the lender pays them their commission, so there is no cost to you.


Broker Versus Bank: Which Makes More Sense For You?

Obtaining a mortgage can be a complicated and overwhelming experience, especially for first time home buyers. One of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself before entering the housing market is should you apply for your mortgage loan through a bank or with a broker? Finding and solidifying the mortgage loan that’s best for you can be a simple and stress-free process with the help of a certified mortgage broker. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a mortgage broker over going to the bank about your mortgage.


Always On Your Side

Unlike the bank, professional mortgage broker are always on your side. A mortgage broker works for you, the client, rather than the lender. A bank won’t tell you if a better lending rate is available at another bank. Mortgage brokers aren’t driven by monthly sales quotas and don’t have an allegiance to any particular bank or lender, so they can help you explore your options to find the financing plan that makes the most sense for you.


More Accessible

Mortgage brokers are more accessible and easier to communicate with than banks. Banks maintain strict business hours and often inflexible scheduling patterns, so it can be difficult to find the time to discuss your mortgage options with the bank if you work long hours, have a family to look after, or have other daily responsibilities to manage. A professional mortgage broker offers a more flexible schedule, so you can discuss our mortgage options whenever works best for you. Many mortgage brokers communicate through email and other online channels, so you can get in touch with them when you need to in whatever way is most convenient for you.


Save Your Money

Taking out a mortgage loan is a serious financial decision that should be met with the right preparation and planning. A mortgage broker can help you uncover all of your financing option so you can make the most informed choice possible with your financial future. Not only can a broker help you find the lowest interest rates, they can also help you scale back future costs by informing you about all potential pre-payment options and warning you about any penalties or other mortgage fees. Mortgage brokers are also a cost-efficient way to receive professional advice and consulting about your mortgage options. If you choose a standard mortgage, your lender pays your moorage broker their commission so their services and experience come at no charge to you.


Rose Blankenagel—Professional Mortgage Service You Can Trust

Banks don’t always have your best interests in mind—to learn more about all your financing options before committing to a lender, trust the non-biased and expert advice of a professional mortgage broker. For experienced, professional and friendly mortgage advice and brokerage services throughout Alberta and British Colombia, choose Rose Blankenagel. Rose has years of experience as a mortgage broker in Kamloops and the surrounding area. Not only can she find you the lowest rates possible, she can also coach you through the experience so you are confident and knowledgeable when dealing with lenders. For honest and reliable mortgage brokerage services, contact Rose today at Mortgage West - The Mortgage Centre.