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What to Ask During a Home Inspection

If you have made it to the inspection stage, you rightfully feel like you’re in the home stretch. Everything that came before—looking for and getting approved for a mortgage, the seemingly endless search, the negotiations—all feel like a distant hazy memory. You found your house, the house, which will become your home. As you walk from room to room it’s easy to start to imagine your life in this new space: where your favourite chair will go, how you’ll have breakfast each morning. That dream is going to be a reality so soon! We don’t want anything to gum up the works at this stage, so we’ve made a helpful list of the most important things to remember during your home inspection.

A home inspector doesn’t work for you or the seller, but if you chose to work with a mortgage broker throughout your home buying journey, we will still be by your side until everything is signed and sealed. So, while you will have someone there with you who has the expertise to understand the ins and outs of the inspection process, sharing knowledge is what we’re all about at Mortgage West - The Mortgage Centre.

Here are some easy things you can do during your new home inspection to make the process easier: - Bring a handheld appliance with you. Whether it’s a hair dryer or small vacuum cleaner, bring a portable electric device with you gives you the power to check all the outlets in the home. You should also make sure you can charge your phone.

  • Make sure you open (and close) all the windows. The last thing you want is to discover they stick or don’t have a good seal.
  • If you keeping the current appliances, you can even ask to bake something during the inspection. A tray of chocolate chip cookies should only take about 30 minutes, and you’ll know just how well the oven works. You’ll also get to enjoy some chocolate chip cookies!
  • We know you’d never waste water in your day-to-day life, but just this once can save you a lot of difficulties down the line: turn on every faucet and flush every toilet. Wait and see how long it takes the tank to fill back up. You can even run the bath while the toilet is flushing to get a very good sense of the water pressure.
  • Check all the nooks and crannies. Even if you are planning on keeping any existing carpeting, it’s a good idea to take a peek underneath anyway. You’ll certainly have planned to look in all the closets, but a lot of people forget that closets have ceilings too! Look up and turn around inside; it’s a space that rarely gets noticed.

The most important thing to remember is to be direct. If you ask the seller or their agent if the home has any known defects, they must answer honestly. If this is your first home buying experience, or even if you have another mortgage under your belt, Mortgage West – The Mortgage Centre understands that negotiations can be a tough part of the process. That’s why having a mortgage broker on your side throughout the entire journey can take away much of the stress. Contact Rose Blankenagel today with any questions or to book a consultation.